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3 Scorpio Decans Explained | LoveToKnow

I understand that you will use this info only and solely to send me the newsletter. Translate This Page. Zodiac Signs Sub-Pages. Sure, if you're a Leo, you're likely to share many Leo traits that are similar to other Leos. But in Astrology, there are many nuances that add great depth and complexity to your planetary placements.

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One such nugget of gold are Decans. If you understand Triplicity in Astrology, then you can grasp what a Decan is. Triplicity is a fancy term to explain the different elements in our zodiac.

Zodiac Decans ~ Their History & Use by Darkstar Astrology

Triplicity is a group of three signs triple that belong to the same element. Now, it's important to remember that there are thirty degrees in every sign -- no matter what sign we're talking about. And finding out your unique degrees is easy -- just run an Essential Birth Report. Decans are a nifty way of breaking down the qualities of each individual sign by separating each one into thirds of ten degrees each.

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  • The Three Decans of Scorpio!
  • Every sign will have three Decans and each Decan has a planetary ruler which becomes the co ruler of that particular sign. For example you may be a Virgo who is very untidy and likes to take risks.

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    • Try our decan calculator !?
    • You may have been born under the Astrology star sign of Leo and are terribly shy and hate to be the centre of attention. Conversely you may be a Capricorn with a devil may care attitude. So if you have ever wondered why your character is not the same as others who share your Star Sign or your personality traits don't exactly match with the supposed popular personality traits that your Star Sign dictates, then you should look at Decans. So the first Decan of Cancer personality traits can be quite different to third Decan of Cancer. And being a Scorpio first Decan will differ considerably to the character of a second or third Decan in Scorpio.

      Gemini Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

      To find deeper meaning from your Astrology Star Sign you need to look at your Decan. Ancient astrologers used these subdivisions to refine each Astrology Star Sign and attributed them to minor planetary influences, which subtly change with the ruling influence of the period.

      And although you will have the dominant characteristics of your particular Star Sign, your personally traits and character will also be affected by which of the Decans you were born under. Click the picture link for your Star Sign and read more of the finer nuances of your personality traits and find if you are a first Decan, second Decan or third Decan.

      What decan are you? The 36 decans of the zodiac signs.

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      decanates in astrology compatibility Decanates in astrology compatibility
      decanates in astrology compatibility Decanates in astrology compatibility
      decanates in astrology compatibility Decanates in astrology compatibility
      decanates in astrology compatibility Decanates in astrology compatibility
      decanates in astrology compatibility Decanates in astrology compatibility

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