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Eversince a child, he evinced a great interest in not only Astrology, but also Palmistry, Numerology, Philosophy, Yoga, Religion. Spirituality and Mother Nature which he considers as the greatest marvel of God. He has been giving astrological and allied consultations for almost 36 years with remarkable consistency.

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He has received umpteen number of letters of appreciation from his clients all over the world for his accurate predictions and some have even written to him that they would not even have survived if not for his guidance and advice. He is not just an astrologer but a person with a very soft heart. Unlike other so called astrologers who spend 5 or 10 minutes talking of irrelevant things and offering expensive remedies which do not work , he spends 45 minutes to an hour with the client, pulls them up with positive vibrations, re-energises them, talks to them with affection and a smile, involves himself with their problems and has saved many a soul from getting destroyed or even from committing suicide.

Many mentally and physically sick people have been benefited by his positive vibes and healing touch.

He is an exponent of the Hindu system of Astrology and ifs various branches like, Prashna, Jaimini, Ashtakavarga and Varshaphala. He is an expert in Vaastu shasthra. In a very large number of cases he tries to avoid demolition methods to make a building vaastu compliant, has given Vaastu solutions not only to the biggest corporates all around the world, but also gives Vaastu solutions to the smallest of houses.

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Report post. Posted March 26, Chandra is Karaka for mother and he is Kanya in Hasta ruled by Chandra himself and is aspected by Shukra exalted vargothama indicates His mother's name is associated with Godess Lakshmi. See the miracle of His chart,the exalted Shukra is in Kendra to his sign dispositor Guru and is placed in 12th sign of Zodiac indicating He performs all kinds of Moksha related activities in his life and has a number of followers all around the world. He developed very high in the field of spirituality by the end of this Rahu Dasa- Kuja's Antara which was between and Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. Some 'ragas', some tunes will hurt our heart and our mental state. Because the tunes correspond to our nerves. I think you heard about the 'siddihis' of Indian saints. Many people only know about miracles. But miracles are only a part of the 'siddhis'.

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  6. They are a kind of 'siddhi'. Christ also performed miracles, Shankaracharya also performed miracles, many others also performed miracles. They are one part of 'siddhi'. There are eight kind of 'siddhis'. Who has achieved the eight 'siddhis' is called a 'siddha purusa'. These 'siddhis' are required in order to heal through music.

    The music is without miracles, it gets tuned to our nervous system. The child is crying, if you keep on giving him sounds, the child automatically goes to sleep. There are particular tunes, particular 'ragas', also particular instruments. You know about flute, about violin, about tabla, there are so many instruments, like guitar, saxophone, each instrument has some qualities.

    When you join the instruments which nowadays is called orchestra, again you get a particular quality. You can compare each instrument with a doctor; some doctors are specialized for the nervous system, some for the stomach, some for the heart. A general doctor is called a physician.

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    Like this, each instrument is specialized for different nervous systems. People will ask. One has to know about these qualities and one has to observe certain rules and regulations. Nowadays the science is developing very fast. All the instruments are combined in one synthesizer, it is an electronic instrument.

    This instrument is only a medium for Swamiji to reach another sphere. When Swamiji plays music people will be sitting calmly and concentrate on the sound.

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    Then Swamiji gets easily access to their mind, you understand? Easily Swamiji's mental vibrations can reach people's mind and he can examine people's mind. I cannot explain how I do it, I can only explain the notes plays some notes , but I cannot explain that 'siddhi' by which Swamiji gets access to your mind.

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