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Take her word for it if she is interested but by no means bring the usual expectations, especially Scorpion expectations. I would say "let it ride" for awhile. You seem like a pretty real guy and this a very real conversation. You know it's going down. I have been dating an aqua girl long distance, she has a young son we are both divorcees. Knew each other before hand there always seemed to be a vibe.

Nothing was explored until recently. I see her every few weeks. The third date when we were finally alone she turns out the lights I put the music on we start light touching and all of a sudden she. Needs to go to bed. I happened to be staying at her house so I just went to bed and she did this thing where she kept her bedroom door open, how ever I did not venture.

I came back into town we ended up going out with some other people. At the end of the night we had some action, still no sex. And that's where I am now ,getting ready to go back into town. She only likes to communicate by text and Facebook, until I'm in town. It came across my mind that she must be a serious player, but when I am with her that's hard to believe.

So tell me am I being played or is patience the watch word. You have come to the point where understanding both triads is how people get along, and don't, together. Air really lacks empathy. They don't understand the inner workings of water. Which is why by "general" standards, these elements cannot get eachother.

So much i understand why astrologers say what they say. But it IS more than just sun signs. And there has to be water with water houses in the chart of the Aquarius in my opinion to understand a water person. Anyway I thought I'd say that because astrology really helped me understand on a deeper level Any two people who love each other have a chance. I believe in consciousness of each mate having awareness of the other. Regardless of the sun sign. Yes, Scorpio and Aquarius are a difficult pair.

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But then Scorpio and Aquarius are difficult in general with anybody. If you want my deeper analysis, go to the TRIAD article, get your sun, rising and moon signs and give me those two matchings, and I will do a better analysis. It's free.

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You will need the hour of birth, plus city and birthdate, obviously. I will look for "Lechiaa". I'm a scorpio girl And my boyfriend is an aquarius. Him and I have been dating for seven months now. A few months back he showed me a site where it said we were not meant for each other at all.

Tips for Leo-Aquarius Relationships

I kept telling him that it only ends like that when the people stop caring. And that there is a chance for me and him to be together. And now that I read this page about out signs it a sures me that we do have a chance.. That's what people don't get Scorpios are earnest. They don't play around. Even when you think they are playing around, they are not playing around. Its all earnest all the time.

That should be the real one word description. They won't abandon you unless you have become unregenerate or completely negative. Here's to you. But, I do understand, after learning more of astrology- in depth, how loyal and very deep they love. They truly will never abandon you. Now, you just have to live with all that Scorpio. From what I know of Aquarius, you will do your dead level best.

Maybe because i have a mutable moon and a rising in a mutable sign. He has a mutable moon and rising as well.

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We both adapt very well to each other, but even with that, it wasn't "effortless" in the beginning. Oh it was not smooth riding. But, i love him and he loves me. I guess it prepared me. See if you say this then you don't comprehend what scorpios mean by love. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign but they don't understand a great deal of humanity at all. He doesn't really want to hurt you but is actually destroying a part of himself. Aquababy: it's not that it's misunderstood, it's just that even if you love with your whole being, it's still not enough for a scorpio.

It is still an indirect way of love and emotion, scorpios do not consider that to be "the real thing". Even if you love with your whole being and have the best intention, you are still unable to process emotion the same way a scorpio does from birth and totally NEEDS this in the partner too. It's very sad but it is true, even if both of you really want to make it together, you are just plain incompatible. This is very true. Aquarians do not represent themselves well in this regard.

Recently, an Aquarian at a family gathering turned to me and said "Tell her what I really feel inside". I did not try to do that, but I did say: "Disclosing their insides, their emotional heart is a difficult challenge for them. Sometimes I feel an aquarius gets a bad rep for not showing emotion the way other signs do but as far as the love thing goes yes we do know how to love and we do so with our whole beings and I think maybe thats why we sometimes distance ourselves because we don't want to be hurt. In all reality we are sensitive and hurt just like any other sign when love goes wrong.

An Aquarius' feelings for you can't just be in her head. When an Aquarius loves, it's with her whole being. Or at least that's the way I loved my Scorpio guy, but he stung me anyways. Love is so much more than something that is just physically projected. Anyone can pretend to physically project love. I wanted to teach him If I was able to hate him , I'd hate what he did to me and anyone who hurt him obviously someone did for him to sting me the way that he did.

I see that people are interested in helping out quite a bit, and that's fine, that's what this form is for. But I myself just went through a personal situation with an Aquarius and a Scorpio just this weekend. Without getting into the yelling and crying, I must say that not only are both of these signs FIXED and stubborn, they are also different in so many ways that both must apply a set of glasses so that they can communicate their desire to get along. This is a very difficult combination. The first thing these two should ask is "How much real love do we feel we have?

This is very true i went threw this things with my ex we always bump heads becouse we are both stuburn so yes i had to break it off it was to much for me i decided to move on.. Im a Scorpio guy dating an Aquarius girl and I think our demise came from my jealousy and possesivness which o feel stems from the fact that she is more outgoing and social than I am..

I also felt she wasn't as demonstrative in her feelings towards me and that they were in her head and couldn't be physically projected There is so much text above, I cannot really do justice to the complexity of the commentary. Ask me a simple question, and I will try to give my best heartfelt response. These matters are so heavy to the individual, that when people bare the care of their souls, I do not want to pretend to comprehend as much as they think I can comprehend.

When this depth is involved, I would rather go to the surface, splash around on the beach and think about the basics. If you have a basic feeling, ask me. My posts were generalisations, so far these were my experiences with aqua women, but of course this doesn't mean that they apply to every case. I know that the basically emotional landscape experienced by "typical" scorpios is only in their heads, and that the basically mental landscape experienced by "typical" aquarians is only in their heads.

What I meant is that even so, "typically" these landscapes are so far away from each other that the distance cannot really be overcome by transformation, as that would mean self-denial, would do more harm than good. Trying to experience life in a way that one cannot. But since only 3 signs experience life through pure emotion, most people probably don't understand what we mean by all this. I understand your frustration. If it makes you feel better to think that all similarities of these types in all cases are going to react the way you feel they will, then go ahead and feel that.

However, if you feel that these kinds of transformations for you two can not occur, then most certainly for you, they won't. I wish you the best in the future. I think you misunderstood that, it's not stubbornness. There is such a fundamental difference between how the brains of these two signs on a biological level work that even if they truly want to, they can't transform their nature enough.

The "wierdness" is why certain combinations of souls will never work. It's a divorce preventative. If a combination such as this does lead to a union, then a "transformation" of one or two of them is in order.

How Gay You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Neither is going to choose to change. They call it stubborn. This combination will never truly work. Scorpio lives, experiences everything through feelings and initially thinks aquarius is the same. But in time scorpio will realise that there is something very, very weird going on here, something so odd that it even eluded the scorpio intuition.

Because the way aquarius really ticks is so alien to scorpio that scorpio never even thought something like that can exist at all. You see a tipical aquarius does not feel feelings at all. Yes there are feelings, maybe even quite deep ones somewhere in the aquarian mind, but they are verbalised and then pushed aside, and all this happens automatically. Scorpio thinks that to live is to feel right? Wrong, not with aquarius. Scorpio then realises the mystical reason why aquarius seems passionless is not so mystical at all, they are in fact passionless.

Scorpio realises that the emotional bonds between them never actually existed, scorpio just imagined them. Because aquarius is unable to bond emotionally, aquarian "emotions" are locked away somewhere and are never used this way. Also, aquarius will never understand what went wrong because they have no idea what it is to live through feelings. I'm a scorp male btw, aquarian girls seem to fall in love with me all the time cause we have interesting conversations, they seem to confuse love with friendship because of all this mental nonsense they are doing, it's very weird.

He sounds like a typical Scorpio. You have to be in love with a Scorpio. You have to be. Every morning they are going to be themselves. Your Aquarian was probably very understanding a few years ago because Aquas can see things that are not there. Their certainty arises from within and from way way way out there - but seldom from what's in front of them. But eventually what's in front of them becomes so absolutely real that their "see and understand everything" lens gets burnt out.

It sounds like you are really suffering.

The Aquarius man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

I would hire a private investigator or spy on them myself. There may or not be anything to worry about. Ask the other wives if they are familiar with this 43 year old woman. I am married 40 years to a virgo …I am an aquarius…He is very critical of me…Puts me down…and never gives me respect which drives me up a wall.

He is a hard worker and very organized…Recently he has had me worried he was working a few months with a black woman 43 and he is She is single and she was calling herself his 2nd wife. So now I am worrying if something is going on. Since i brought this up we are not speaking to one another. She is a Gemini…She said she wish there was a clone of him. She said he works like he is 30…and he respects her. Please help me cause this Virgo is driving me crazy. Do you think its appropriate for him or her hugging him at work in the yard that is he is a truck driver. The employees are saying they are having a affair.

I spoke to her on the phone the other day and she told me nothing was going on and that we should go out to Applebees. Then I tried calling her several times and she would not respond. She is black and she had my husbands worker call me and he told me to let it go.

She is the only 43 year old woman working in the place. She told me she would like to have a clone of my husband and that he acts like 30 when he is I was told she was very attractive. What do you think. My name is Annie and thank you for replying. Nothing is ever right or good enough in her opinion. At least to me. They just wanted me for my looks. What did I want them for??

Not much of anything. I get so bored so quickly. Seems the only impressive men I meet with good looks and intelligence is in transit, trains, boats and planes… I get lonely but I am always glad to have my own private space.. I usually get the Libras and Taurus. MY aquarius sister the manipulating trouble maker. I love my Aquarius man!

Even when we disagree we always can resolve the problem in a reasonable way. You need to put time and work into a relationship just like any other aspect of your life. Loving him is easy as pie, and I feel happy with him everyday! We have an awesome connection and always give each other a hard time lol. We give each other space when we need it and have great respect for each other. So I would like to see more people with positive stories write about them? Reading all these comments made me have a little hope.

We recently broke up because he needed a break which I respect because I know Ima big pain in the ass. But hearing how some of you guys broke up and realized you were right for each other gives me nothing but hope he realizes it too as cheesy as it sounds aha.. But tIke will tell.

Zodiac Signs to Date & Avoid (#5-9)

We met in high school and and were just friends even. After high school we met back up in life and attempted to have a relationship but argued all the time, we could never see eye to eye. We broke up and went our separate ways and after about a year he came and told me that he loved me and knew that I was the one. We started over and since it has been the best relationship ever. Hi im a virgo whos been with an aquarius woman for nine month,s weve been fighting since the beggining but in between the fights there was love and happyness hidden, she got tired of all this fighting and told me some hurtful things i used to tell her but then i realized the love she gave me and i tried showing her that love back but the tables turned.

We had a real great love and intimate side within the relationship and now she wants her space but i want us to be good again. Allot of this article opened my eyes to some facts and i do believe we could be happy once more its just that she doesnt try anymore. I hope she someday realizes and appreciates me for not giving up. Shes all about working and making money but i wish she had time to pay attention to the relationship and my feelings only time will tell but i know we could be happy.

Oh, and one other thing Virgo men. Be prepared for her to randomly tell you she wants to take a break. Be understanding, and she will come back. I am in love with my aquarius.

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  7. She keeps me constantly on my toes and her mystery intrigues me beyond comprehension. I look forward to everyday i get to spend with her. She is a perfect median and very patient with me despite my flaws. We have known each other since we were 14 and 11 years later our flame is still burning.

    I only recently became acquainted with the zodiac signs and I understand so much more about her now, but she still never fails to surprise me. If you virgos can control your urge to make everything so damn logical all the time and encourage the so called illogical by having an open and accepting mind, then your differences that supposedly doom your relationship wouldnt be so great.

    At the same time the Aquarius woman will be impressed by the intense drive and enthusiasm of her Aries partner. Here is a man who like her can visualize brilliant plans and fire up scintillating ideas but unlike her also possesses the capacity to seize the initiative in putting those plans into action.

    The only hitch in their relationship seems to be presented by the overarching ego of the Aries male. On the occasions when they two cannot agree on an issue, the Aries guy will be wont to give way to his quick temper. However here too, the emotional distance maintained by the airy female Aquarius will naturally take the fizz out of male Aries aggression and she will simply keep away till her boyfriend cools off and everything is as hunky-dory as before.

    Aries Woman and Aquarius Man The vivacious and high-spirited personality of an Aries woman is not just about shopping for new things to wear or checking out the new nightclubs in town. In fact her infectious enthusiasm is driven by a keen mind which shoots up brilliant ideas and is forever in search of new challenges. All these make the perfect partner for an Aquarius man who is himself given to conjuring up far-reaching ideas and remaining up to date with the most advanced systems of thought and knowledge.

    The sex lives of an Aries and Aquarius match too holds a lot of promise. Initially however The passionate Aries woman may find the airy detachment of an Aquarius partner rather off-putting. It is not in the nature of an Aquarius lover to burn with the white heat of passion unlike say a Scorpio or indulge in sensual pleasures like a Taurus male. An Aquarius would rather seek inspiration for his love life in the intellectual exchanges and erotically imaginative scenarios. But once she realizes the secret to seducing her Aquairus lover lies through the mind, she may be well on her way to have a great time.

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