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If this does not happen, then you have a large karmic debt, and you will need to figure out what it is and where it came from. In general, the period promises to be thoroughly positive; the main thing is to act in full harmony with one's conscience. Single Libras need to come up with certain ways of trying to fix the situation. Act confidently and aggressively, in the best traditions of American movies. Just be careful, because you will not be the only one acting in this way.

At the same time, the stars predict that you will end up having plenty of romantic moments, so it makes sense to take care of everything necessary in advance. For the family, romantic developments will be equally significant, especially if the romance recently was not that regular in your life. Allow yourself to do something new, and do not stop there. In general, this period is not the best one for heartfelt conversations, but this is an ideal stage for personal achievements.

Do not worry, even in case of sacrificing all your available time for the object of your interest; you will most likely be understood. You can still dedicate some time to explanations; the main thing is to try to be convincing, and everything will necessarily happen. Monthly December Horoscope for Zodiac sign Libra. December Horoscope December monthly Horoscope for 12 Zodiac signs. Horoscope Comments: December Horoscope Libra.

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Moon Sign Compatibility. The Zodiac Signs. Birthday Horoscopes. Chinese Astrology. Chinese Zodiac. Zodiac Signs Compatability. Chinese year horoscope. Dream Interpretation. Dictionary of Dreams. The great Oracle. Fortune and Prophecies. Name meaning. Astrology and Horoscope. Natal or Birth Chart. Socializing and networking are both very much in the stars for you during this festive month and can end up being beneficial for both your personal and professional life. Your love life is passionate and intense right now.

Today's Libra Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

For singles, the energy can put you right in the path of someone you've been waiting for. Loved ones are here to assist you this month, which can come in many forms. Be appreciative of the act, big or small! With planetary action between Venus and Uranus opposite each other and influencing your love life, you have a chance to gain further realizations with how you really feel about someone. You can also gain insight into what direction you're moving in and a chance to make a course adjustment.

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Remember, you have to power to make the choices that affect your life and to speak up. Although life does come with certain compromises, it is wise not to give up your control to anyone. The Venus and Uranus planetary interaction early this month can focus your attention on work and your own needs. If you're in doubt about anything or anyone, trust your instincts.

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Your career might present unexpected positive monetary changes, but don't settle for anything less than you're worth. After all, you can't expect anybody else to look after your best interests; that's your own personal responsibility. Make sure anything you say in your love life is sincere and genuine, but don't forget to also have fun.

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It is the festive season after all. Don't get too serious about life. Your solar chart is hot! Be alert to possibilities to capitalize on all that is happening and crossing your star path. With money, build for the future rather than for instant gratification. Be wary of dealing with friends and family. You are independent and as such, you are capable of making up your own mind on matters of importance. Although life may feel frenzied, don't worry.

Everything will turn out exactly as it should. Trust the process. If it's love you're looking for, it's possible for a new relationship, one of substance, to begin now. Jupiter is in your sign. Use this energy by dreaming big and not limiting yourself to the best. December is shaping up to be your month, Capricorn. Your instincts will be heightened when the new moon arrives on the 7th, so now is the time to focus all of your energy on your future. Visualize what you want in love and in your career, and make it happen. The full moon on the 22nd will bring clarity in regards to romance.

But before you can invite new love into your life, you will have to put an end to harmful habits once and for all. If you're currently in a relationship, now is the time to finally let go of emotional baggage and focus solely on what's working for you and your significant other.

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  4. The combined Venus-Uranus energy can present a positive opportunity at work, but may negatively impact your home life. If you're looking for real change in your life, you'll have to step out of your comfort zone. While the thought may be unsettling, the results will be empowering. With action planet Mars now in the sign next to yours, your focus is now on money, but be careful not to make any rash decisions. Think through your intended purchases to make sure they are right before you part with your cash. With the influence of the full Moon later in the month, you'll need to stick to a schedule.

    Get organized, create a to-do list, and prioritize your social outings.

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    During this time, friends and colleagues may drop out of your life for a while. Keep in mind that as you are evolving and moving forward, not everyone will be able to follow or keep up. The new people who enter your life now bring with them opportunities that can almost seem tailor-made for you. As such, your career is about to get a boost from someone you probably know. The more you can socialize and network over the holiday season the more likely you are to connect with those who can help you move into a more prosperous future.

    horoscope libra 11 december 2019 Horoscope libra 11 december 2019
    horoscope libra 11 december 2019 Horoscope libra 11 december 2019
    horoscope libra 11 december 2019 Horoscope libra 11 december 2019
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    horoscope libra 11 december 2019 Horoscope libra 11 december 2019

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