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Draconic Astrology describe the "soul personality". This does not mean that Draconic Astrology is not suitable for practical purposes. The meanings of signs, aspects and houses do not really change. Just to get to the point, what is the meaning of a draconic chart? There are various theories, but to name a few:. Have Fun!

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And this deeper layer of my "love-personality" seems to be triggered by his Moon and Ascendant, by the way he expresses himself and by the way he feels emotions. And his Venus, his love or is it her? BTW even though the conjunctions and oppositions are the most important ones, and most only look at these, I do have a look at other aspects, too, especially if there are double whammies. But if the draconic planets tell us something about the soulcontract, then this is just like our higher SElves are talking with each other, without really involving our physical natal planets.

Still I guess it means a very subtle psychic and spiritual attempt to balance the male and female parts in our soul. My draconic Venus is conjunct his natal Moon and Ascendant and trine his natal Sun.

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So, I guess there are enough "hooks"; I especially like that his draconic Mars is trine my natal Sun and that my draconic Venus is trine his natal Sun. It seems that if we ever met one of the paragraphs of our soulcontract would say, that we are to learn a lot about our view on our own gender his draconic Mars, my draconic Venus. And we teach each other that just by being ourselves both natal Suns involved.

It also seems to be a rather smooth, easy and harmonious interaction the trines.

The Draconic Zodiac

But if we calculated the DRaconic with the SN, then the oppositions in the NN-draconic-chart would become conjunctions. DD IP: Logged. Let's try to understand what it's all about. All we know about it is that it was part of ancient Babylonian astrology techniques, but tracing its origins would be impossible. What we also know is that it was apparently used by Edgar Cayce himself in his readings; people who took the time to study them have found out that when given people's birth details, Cayce described under hypnosis their personality and characteristics as seen from the draconic level of their astrological charts, rather than the tropical.

For this reason, Draconic Astrology seems to have a "spiritual flavour", describing people's inner nature and the "soul personality", integrating the more psychological indications found in a chart. This new nodal zodiac is not really different or obscure. In fact, it is probably easier to interpret as it tends to express the higher and purer principles of signs, aspects and houses, so no sweat! The astrology you know with traditional meanings of signs, aspects and houses is all you need.

Because: 1 It may show how we developed in previous incarnations and therefore our soul qualities 2 It could also show the ideal to be reached by the Higher Self, in other words the "soul blueprint" and the Higher Self's intentions for the present incarnation Cool stuff! The links to watch out for between tropical and draconic levels are conjunctions and oppositions, as they tend to indicate what the soul should focus on and develop to evolve during the present incarnation. According to our "subtle anatomy", we are made up of different "energy layers" called physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The spiritual body is very powerful, it feeds all the other layers of our being and is the one that vibrates faster, while the emotional body seems to vibrate at a rather slow frequency, seemingly being addicted to unproductive emotions such as fear, anger, worry, etc. In fact, in order to further the development of our minds in the past century, we have chosen to ignore our more feeling nature and we have consequently been left with a seriously underdeveloped emotional body which needs a lot of healing.

In short, we might have wonderful technology which allows us to live better and longer but we are certainly "emotionally backward". To make matters worse, we are plagued by various FEARS - many induced to keep us under control - through beliefs of scarcity, need for security which too often translates as fear of change, false expectations, hypocritical morals and values, all of which end up sapping our vitality and stifling our creativity and growth.

Rapture and bliss are seldom part of our everyday emotional scenarios - stress, anxiety and fear are sadly more frequent visitors, aren't they? There is little doubt - we do need to evolve our emotional body to evolve ourselves. How do we go about doing that? Partly the "New Age" way - we need exposure to our own spiritual energies from the Higher Self through meditation, deep breathing, crystals, herbal remedies, or any other method one prefers.

Wise men from all ages and nationalities have been teaching that we are Gods in the making, that time is an illusion, that we have enormous creative powers and that in being incarnate we are heading towards perfection; they also teach that we can live and grow through joy and bliss, rather than pain and fear. I really want to know what everyone else thinks of Drac. Have any of you heard of Draconic astrology? The draconic chart is what you feel you should be like—and what you feel you should be doing with your life—in your soul.

If you have North Node in Aries, you likely already act how you feel inside.

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When placed in comparison to your natal chart, the house placements of the draconic planets can indicate where you access and realize this deeper part of your soul. Absolute Longitude is sort of like Military Time. One is more specific, and the other one is used more frequently, and a little easier to use.

For example;. I did myself a past life reading using my tarot cards - as I have finally gotten used to them and the reading was so insightful. I got a lot of information about my life before and how it can be seen in my life now. I found there few things that are indeed related somehow with my Draconic chart and my Natal chart. The card I got for describing my soul was the Fool , which I think goes well with uranus, aquarius and air element.

I found this really legit when I see my Draconic chart that describes my soul before it came to earth. My Draconic sun is Aquarius which was already amazing but I had also Gemini moon which was even more amazing also a lot of placements in air overall! Another thing that I found quite interesting was that when I wanted to see that what I learned in that life. I got the card High Priestess which is basically ruled by moon and I happen to be moon dominative AND Cancer dominative and Cancer so maybe I got these placements from there idk as price from learning.

Okay this is the last one I promise! So I also found out how does my past life affect on me in this life and the cards I pulled were the Death and the Judgement. Death ruled by Scorpio and Judgement ruled by Fire and Pluto scorpio. And I just casually happen to be Scorpio moon with loads of difficult aspects that I need to really work on to make my life a bit easier.

Every time I think of draconic astrology, I feel so sick and I get nauseous. From comparing my natal chart to my draconic chart, literally every planet I have makes a tight, 1 degree opposition, which is super tight and super scary. What happened to me? What the hell happened in my past life that made me to who I am? I just feel so confused and scared. Draconic astrology is your soul. It shows what your inner voice tells you, your raw self and passionate fire, as if you erased the influence of your environment, your upbringing, and the world around you.

Draconic charts are calculated by turning the North Node dial back to 0 degrees Aries. For some people, their draconic charts differ greatly from their natal charts. For others, especially those with the North Node in Aries, their draconic charts are not much different from their natal charts. Draconic charts only affect the signs the planets fall under, and not the house positions. The South Node is always directly opposite from the North Node, and it represents where you came from; it is your instinctual habits, that may or may not be great habits, that disallow personal growth.

Oppositions in astrology always point out where there will be struggle, so getting from your South Node to your destined North Node will involve obstacles to overcome. Natal charts differ from draconic charts because your natal chart is based on the time your parents brought you into this world.

Your natal chart has everything to do with your time, location, environment, and contacts with other people. Your natal chart is what your parents specifically raised you to be in this world, whereas the draconic chart is what your inner soul tells you to be and how to act, regardless of what the world says. My upbringing was pretty noisy; because I have a Gemini IC, my home environment has lots of movement and activity! I have three brothers and two dogs.

In private, I enjoy talking to myself and being generally curious. Because I am a curious person, I enjoy searching, learning new things, and expressing them into the public sphere; being generally freedom-loving, passionate, competitive, and expansive, as represented by my Sagittarius Midheaven. I would have to vent my emotions to friends and peers 11th house rather than my parents, as friends tend to express more sympathy than my parents. But my parents tell me that I am smart, and that is what gives me emotional fulfillment from them. As a result, I am taught by my parents and environment to be an incisively observant Virgo Mercury.

Draconic Astrology with Lauren Delsack

I need to be perfectionist in all my studies, that I need to be competitive over grades to fulfill my ego, and that I need to make a positive impression on people in my outward appearances in fashion, speech, etc. In addition, I grew up with people who observe every last detail and imperfection in anything, and I am taught to be perfect as well as incredibly attentive to details to escape judgement, false impressions, and possible mistakes in the future.

Hence why my artwork is so well-observed. As for my Aquarius Moon, I have an unusual family background, and because of that, I feel different, increasingly aware of the world, learning to appreciate diversity, social progress, and creativity. However, you may have noticed that I have frequently conflicting motives between what people tell me to do versus what I want to do.

I am a very caring and imaginative person on the inside and my ego is fulfilled by creating things, which is also true for my Leo Sun in natal and Leo Moon in draconic. But with Pisces, imagination takes a bigger role in my creativity and outward expressions. Inside, I am not the selfish Leo, or the judgemental Virgo; imperfections and ulterior motives are not the first things I notice about a person.

I chose to be an artist, and this could be attributed to the artistic water signs in my draconic chart: Pisces Sun, Pisces Mercury and Cancer Midheaven. I go through life thinking that everything will be okay in the end, no matter what I do. But my inner life is pretty quiet and lonely, as represented by my draconic Capricorn IC.

Despite my natal Gemini IC and my frequent inner monologues, you would notice that my natural inclination is to be silent and reserved. Because I feel restricted on the inside, I want to feel like the world cares about me, and find emotional connection with my career rather than just finding a job that pays the bills. They have few regrets with their personalities and life choices, and find that what they want to do aligns with what the world wants them to do.

They do not change their demeanor to satisfy others and generally act the same from childhood all the way through adulthood. Think Phil Lester, who has this position; he does not change for anyone! Until you see your draconic chart and you see this other persona this other completely different way of living. We have personality to our soul something on the inside out of the ordinary, what we really truly are on the depths of our nature.

However, I was doing some research and I found this:. So, as a result of that description and the Scorpio sign in general, I would assume that many people find you very attractive, emotional, mysterious, and intimate. If anyone else has more information about this, please let me know! Another way of stating this is that the draconic first point of Aries is the tropical north node. Using the true node for this purpose seems to work best, but some astrologers advocate the mean node. Most astrological computer programmes have the ability to generate draconic charts.

The basic meaning of the draconic planets, signs and houses is the same as in the tropical level though their interpretation is simplified, as this is a chart that seems to operate at a soul level. It can be helpful to keep it in mind that at this plane of being the signs do not represent psychological characteristics or personality traits, but they correspond to deeply held values and belief patterns inherent in the soul.

They are the inner maxims and higher ethics that give the individual purpose, meaning and clarity of conviction. Being concerned with inner impulses, draconic placements indicate soul qualities and purpose and suggest the ideal the soul is striving to attain, as well as potential areas of growth and fulfilment for the present incarnation.

The Draconic Zodiac in Synastry

The draconic chart is generated from the position of the north node, an indicator of the way forward. As this point becomes the Aries point—a point of taking action—it suggests that in order to live this chart to its greatest potential, the highest qualities of the signs need to be deliberately cultivated. Often it is these higher principles that are expressed, or at least aspired to.

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However, the less helpful qualities sometimes tend to come through until the soul gains wisdom and knowledge and develops spiritual maturity. The challenge for each individual is to live up to the ideals held dear at a soul level. My mars in cancer needs to stop being such a little bitch; I need to stop being so apologetic of my opinions and how they come across.

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Fuck that noise. Draconic astrology is what we are before we come into the universe. If your more on a spiritual level you might really like it. Kind of like Jesus lol. And then your normal chart is just you on the out is dead in everyday life. You having a capricorn sun in draconic and Gemini sun in normal means that you want to be a person who is productive and ambitious life, but your usual Gemini sun in it might be more care-free and in the present moment.

So for my Draconic placements, my soul was a Libra sun, Gemini moon, and Sagittarius rising. My natal placements, though, are Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, and Capricorn rising…. I definitely relate to Scorpio so much as well. Very cool! Your draconic chart is sometimes called your soul chart; it tells you your true purpose in this lifetime.

I think this is the link I used to figure mine out! There are a lot of people susceptible to deception when it comes to things like astrology and the occult in general and as someone who wishes to teach and enlighten people, I also feel I have the responsibility to protect susceptible people from deception.

Anyone know how to read the draconic astrology birth chart or know more information about how to read it? Does that mean anything?? Anyone else have opposite signs in their sun, rising, moon, descendant? I just looked up my draconic chart for the first time and. A follower only recently brought up Draconic astrology to me…and while I have yet to truly delve into it, I do think it deserves a little looksee!

It deals with life paths, both present and future. Hmm…I should go get my chart done! The interesting thing is that my mother is a Cancer, and my dad is a Pisces, and my step-mom is a Scorpio. When your natal n.

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Astrology babbling under the cut. Keep reading. I find it interesting that my ascendant was Sagittarius and moon sign was Gemini. Also a lot of persona chart stuff is Sagittarius haha. Or what my core really is? Haha maybe I was always supposed to have asc opposition moon? I just went into my draconic astrology tag and found this post. This is how I found out my draconic chart, and it is so much easier. My draconic rising is Aquarius and I have 11th house placements on my sun and Venus, and my N node is in Aquarius as well.

Sometimes your draconic chart will repeat in your natal chart, which is REALLY cool, even though a lot of the stuff changes. Even i hate my Capricorn Rising, but i wish i am not that Leo Rising. And what i hate the most?

Draconic Chart

And the placements of the planets can affect how strongly you feel them, too. All the astrological points on your chart are in fall, detriment, or exaltation in different signs. The Moon, for example, is far less comfortable in the tenth house the highest point of the wheel, also called the midheaven than the fourth, almost regardless of the sign that occupies either. The simplest way to explain how your Draconic chart is calculated is that this method moves your North Node to 0 degrees Aries.

In the wheel, Aries represents initial manifestation. What makes this placement perfect for the North Node? Why bother calculating a chart this way at all? Unlike other parts of our charts, the North and South Nodes are not physical planetary or asteroid bodies themselves. The line between our North and South Nodes that splits our chart in half is indicative of what we are here to learn, but also what we bring with us inherently, from previous lives, that will help us do so. This will be covered later in a more thorough discussion of the South Node. Ultimately, our shared, universal greatest purpose is existence.

When we are born, our spirit only has to exist; however, contained in our physical bodies and in specific material environments, the purpose shifts - not purely existing or manifesting, but surviving. Draconic astrology is valuable independently of your natal chart, but examining both of them together can provide a deeper, more well rounded view of your person. I just checked my Draconic chart and for some reason it feels so much closer to me than the tropical one.

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