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Pink Starry 21st Birthday Cake. I think something can be both a misconception and a misnomer, it just depends on the which way you look at it. They can both be right. The question I have now is: when does a description become a term or name? Mr Blues, a description becomes a word when it could feasibly take the place of a word, whether or not it's an accurate substitution. To say that blues is "simple music" is a misconception, while, say, "rap" is certainly a misnomer for blues.

Chuckles - that's just called a nice lady! If your name was Bob and she kept forgetting and calling you Bill instead, that would be a misnomer. What gives and who decides what is specific enough? My friend "Slim" is deffinately not the only person who is slim?

Is it a matter of capitalization I can do that? Sure, but if my name was "Bob" and when I tried to swim I just sank like a rock, then it would be a misnomer, right?! Yes, it is pretty generic as I said, it's not a completely accurate substitution. You probably wouldn't say "I like African-inspired music" when you mean blues unless you're speaking to someone who's never heard of blues.

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But you definitely wouldn't say "simple" because it's probably not going to conjure up a genre set in your listener's mind at all. This is where grammar's lines sort of fizzle and make way for semantics. No single person decides what's specific enough; you get to decide it for yourself, based on your conversation's context and on how well your listener will understand your meaning.

It's the usage, not the words themselves, that categorize something as descriptive, nominative, or useless to your meaning. Ha, and "Running Deer" is a lousy name for a fat kid playing video games, too, but it happens. It's a misnomer, but who's thinking of grammar when they name their children? Therefore, the statement is depending on opinion a misconception and not a misnomer. No one in Mr.

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I do not wish to seem condescending, but we must use words to describe concepts, and such descriptions do not necessarily label or affix a name to something. My father, who is a jazz musician, once said, "I was never interest in playing the simple stuff. Given the context it was obvious he was talking about blues music, so this would clearly be a term, correct? If somebody said, "Why don't you boys go ahead and play some of the simple music now.

Using "the" again depends on context. But while "simple music" is a vague description, "the simple music" tells you that the speaker has a category of genres in his mind. For your dad, that category includes blues. To you or me as musicians, blues isn't simple at all. But to a non-playing listener, those styles generate a "simpler", more laid-back reaction than rap or symphony. That's why people persist in calling it simple - they're describing their reaction, not the genre. I believe that this issue my have been the deciding factor in the U.

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Presidential election. In the second debate Obama refered to his usage of the term "Acts of Terror" but Romney had argued that this term was not the same as "Terroist Acts". It was debated for weeks in the media.

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EW Thornton - Sorry, but I beg to disagree. Mr Blues specifically referred to people "labelling and designating" Blues music as simple presumably as opposed to complex. Now if this is true, and I'm sure Mr Blues knows what he's talking about, then to my mind that has at least as much to to do with categorising and naming as with describing, if not more so.

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From Oxford Dictionaries Online - label verb - assign to a category, especially inaccurately or restrictively: "many pupils felt that they were labelled as failures" "the critics labelled him a loser". To give a name or title to; characterize. I have absolutely no problem with misconception, but I don't see things in quite such black and white terms as you do, and I feel that very often we have a choice, perhaps depending on the particular nuance we want to give something. And I think this is one of those cases. I would say it's a matter of intent. It was your comment, so what was your true intent?

Did you mean that people often think that blues is simple music describing the music as simple? Or did you mean that people often "label" blues music as "simple music"? I would say that your actual comment was ambiguous enough that only you know your true intent. Whether you were correct or not is completely up to you. Of course, we both know that you were wrong and it should be misconception. Because that will you get you off the couch, yes?

Well, It sound like you are both right regarding grammar and word meaning, but your girlfriend is definately WRONG in regard to music. You can point out to her that there are works of genious in all genres of musicBob Dylan vs. Despite "oxford. I'm pretty sure King Crab is a crustacean. Seems to me there are way better examples of a misnomer.

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Can anyone show me different? John Everyman - How about Greenland? It's anything but verdant, even though it was purposely named that to interest potential settlers.

Or the fact that, despite all our sixth-grade science classes, we still call meteors "shooting stars" when we see them streak through the sky? Other misnomers occur when a word's definition goes out of vogue, e. French fries. The original phrase "French fried" referred to a method of deep-frying, not the literal country in Europe. In the last couple of years here in Poland, Belgian 'frites' have become all the rage.

number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday
number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday
number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday
number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday
number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday
number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday
number 21 design for birthday Number 21 design for birthday

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