January 9 is what astrological sign


Taurus, your material items are so important to you and everything you have is falling apart. You feel as though your world is ending. Yes, this is a time of absolute change but with that comes new beginnings and new opportunities.

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Everything will get better and with time you will see that these drastic changes were necessary. Gemini, your life is about to enter a period of good fortune. Enjoy this time and be with those friends and family that you love. If you are finding there to be too many positive coincidences in your life, know that they are known as synchronicity and just go with the flow.

Cancer, you are typically an optimistic person and right now that is exactly how you feel, positive, happy, and tranquil that things will go well for you. If you have been ill for some time or suffered through a breakup know that good things are coming your way. The Star card indicates wishes so start off this year with dreaming about your greatest resolutions or things you really want to happen.

Perhaps you want to find new love, a new job, travel somewhere new then go for it and you will receive gifts and positivity surrounding your decisions. Leo, you are confident in your intuitions and right now is the time to listen to it. Something is telling you to be careful and you should surely trust it.

Take time or push back all decisions or actions until you have all the answers you need. If you are a man, this card indicates that a dangerous woman may soon come into your life who is a bad influence.

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Be cautious of who you trust at this time. Virgo, your hard work and analytical lifestyle are about to give you a break.

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on January 9? Birthday on January 9 Capricorn

It may be difficult for you to not be able to expect and plan for these fun changes approaching but take it one day at a time. If you have been considering leaving your job, home, or relationship, take this as a sign that you will soon take action to complete leaving one of these. One of your unknown desires will soon be fulfilled as well!

January 9 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Libra, your world of peace and fairness is being rocked right now. If you have been experiencing a good time especially within a relationship then there is a good chance that the relationship will increase in permanence and marriage may come into your cards soon. If your life is being rocked in a negative way be cautious of the path you are currently on.

You can still change your ways for the better and leave behind any and all addictions. Scorpio, your passion and drive to get what you want comes naturally to you but you know that you always have to work and hustle, however, recently you may be feeling that everything is perfect.

If you have been feeling sick or are suffering you are going to get better and should take this period to rest and have faith that any disappointments will get better. This is a new fresh start from a difficult period so go be social and celebrate with your friends or soon to be family if you have been trying! Sagittarius, your sense to achieve your goals is powerful and with your curiosity, you may need to seek help to fully guide you to success. Now is the time to find a positive influence and seek guidance from a significant male in your life, whether he be your husband, father, or priest.

This is a time of self-assurance for you that you are capable of doing and influencing those around you to achieve what you want. These behaviors will only set you back so instead focus on your positive, responsible, and disciplines characteristics. Actually, this is a mask to hide their vulnerability. Capricorn individuals are afraid of "losing face. This woman is competitive, though she is usually more interested in besting her own efforts than those of rivals. If she is not involved in an outside career, she will turn her home into a career.

She is a good, if overly strict, mother and expects the best from her children. Capricorn children usually seem to be miniature adults who are serious and a bit world-weary.

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Although smart, they may lag behind other children developmentally. They may have a fear of trying particular skills because they are afraid to fail.

January 9 Zodiac Sign

For them to succeed, parents must be gentle and supportive. As he or she grows, so grows the confidence.

January 9 Zodiac is Capricorn - Full Horoscope Personality

They have leadership skills that can be helpful in adjusting to this phase of their development. The Capricorn lover may seem cautious and a bit cold but can be downright naughty! Capricorns' biggest problem is confidence.

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  • They always worry that a love interest will prove faithless. Capricorns respond well to domestic life because it provides stability. Once they fall in love and commit, the typical Capricorn is unlikely to jeopardize the union.

    BORN ON JANUARY 9 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

    They place great importance on personal happiness. Although they may seem to lack many traits that attract friendship, Capricorn men and women make loyal and caring friends. Because they love stability, Capricorn men and women gain something special from long-term friendships.

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    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign
    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign
    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign
    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign
    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign
    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign
    january 9 is what astrological sign January 9 is what astrological sign

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